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Welcome, gentle folk, to my web pages.  Within these pages you will find information about my music and the musicians and artists I am honoured to work with, some photos, a news page and a gig guide.


Physical CDs and vinal and downloads are available via my Bandcamp page.

'The Hollows', was released in May 2019 having taken 4 years to hone and perfect.  It provides a natural continuation of the themes and ambience of the previous album 'Songs from the Uglee Meadow' with some notable progressions away from the purely acoustic feel of the debut.

And just to blow some smoke up my proverbial, there are some awesome reviews which it would be churlish not to share.

Have fun browsing, and if there's anything else you'd like to know please feel free to get in touch.

During the journey of the making of the 'The Hollows', I have had the pleasure of discovering some superlatively talented artists and artistes, one of my favourites being Gary Williamson.   This pen and ink drawing was suggested by Gary as a depiction of the song 'Child of the Breeze' and I couldn't have imagined anything more wonderfully evocative.  For those of a prudish nature, please avert your eyes!

Child of the Breeze (1500x1014).jpg
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